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Modern Lighting

A new interpretation of the traditional Venetian Glass art by AVMazzega.


“A new interpretation of the traditional Venetian Glass art by AVMazzega.”
This is Giovanni Barbato’s goal for this project, which he studied and developed with precious interventions by some of the best venetian Murano glass masters.

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Andrea Mazzega

Andrea Mazzega CEO AVMazzega Chandeliers, at Euroluce 2015 Milano italy

Meeting Andrea Mazzega for the first time, he seem to be a man of total in focus of his business. Handshake and skipping the usual pleasantries, offering me a cup coffee. Presentations, Instantly, he is forced to a succession of short phone calls, leaving me time to look a little around and get aclimatise to […]

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AVMazzega unveiled its new lamp at Euroluce 2015. Designed by Giovanni Barbato, an important designer in the lighting world this is a modern product with perfect lines, an item that succeeds in blending a philosophy, devoted to glass for almost seventy years, with modern and appealing technologies.

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Murano Glass Chandelier

Euroluce Milano Italy


I meet Andrea Mazzega for the first time. After the introductions and shaking of hands, we skip the usual pleasantries and he offers me a coffee.
He is has to deal with a series of quick phone-calls, allowing me time to look around me and get used to the context. I immediately sense I am in the space of an international man, one used to travelling a lot.

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